Monday, November 13, 2006

What about this blog?

Last week I was at a conference in Dallas with Kim Pagel, Gary Hoobler and John Maehl. We were eating supper at my favorite BBQ place, Sonny Bryan's. If you go to Dallas be sure to eat at Sonny Bryan's! There are several locations throughout the city, but I recommend going to the original location at 2202 Inwood Road for the full Dallas experience. I was about half way done eating mouthwatering brisket when I realized that the other three were done eating all of their food. I commented on how I am such a slow eater. Kim responded that they were "professional" eaters while I was a "social" eater. By that he meant that they eat food just to eat. When I eat food it is an experience to be enjoyed to the fullest. Eating a delicious meal is enjoyable not just for my palate but also for my soul.

This experience in Dallas is an illustration of what I want this blog to be. A place for me to share thoughts on two dimensions of life - the physical and the spiritual. I hope to share my experiences with food and restaurants. Also, I want to share food for the soul - lessons God is teaching me.

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