Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving Adventure

Thanksgiving was a relaxing, fun and adventurous time. The whole family was here Friday evening through Saturday. Friday afternoon Amy and I sat in the sun room with the dogs. Rather, I sat and read while Amy stretched out on the couch with her best bud, Pedro. Click on picture above to see more photos.

On Saturday we had our Thanksgiving meal. We tried something new this year. Instead of baking the turkey we deep fried it. We got a turkey fryer for Christmas. After consulting with friends who do this every year for words of wisdom, I ventured into new culinary territory hoping not to burn the house down. It is quite an experience to heat 20 quarts of peanut oil rapidly to 350 degrees. Then I lowered a 12 pound turkey into the pot with nothing between my hand and scalding oil but an oven mitt. After 35 minutes of watching the bubbling pot and carefully monitoring the temperature of the oil I pulled out a golden brown turkey. By this time the garage and I smelled like grease and cooked turkey. After I brought the turkey into the house I immediately change my clothes so I could eat with everyone else.

I must admit I was nervous about doing this. It was new and unfamiliar cooking territory for me. However, after my first bite of this moist, delicious, crispy bird I was glad I took the risk and went to the trouble of deep frying it.

Isn't this typical of any new venture in life? We become nervous and wonder if it is worth the trouble. We reluctantly step out of our comfort zones and venture into unchartered territory. But when we get our first taste of adventure and fulfillment we realize it was worth it.

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