Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thoughts on Romans 9:6-7 (click here for Net Bible)

The issue Paul is addressing in these verses is the integrity of God. He makes a clear and compelling statement, "It is not as though the word of God failed." There were some folks declaring that it seems as though God had failed to keep His promises to Israel. This would have tremendous ramifications if this were true. If God did not keep just one of His promises, then He loses His integrity. How can we trust God if He does not keep His word?

The key phrase is "it seems as though." It seemed as though God had failed to keep his covenant with Israel when so many Jews rejected Jesus as the Messiah. It seemed as though God abandoned His promises to the Jews as He now is focusing on the Gentiles and the church.

The objectors didn’t realize that God was faithful to every individual Jew who believed in Jesus. His promises are contingent upon an individual's faith in Him. God is faithful. A Jew is not saved because he is a Jew but because of his faith in Christ.

So, God did keep His word. It just seemed as though He failed because of a wrong assumption that God would bring salvation to the entire nation of Israel just because they were Jews by physical descent irregardless of faith in Christ.

God is faithful. He keeps His promise of salvation to every person who believes on the Lord Jesus Christ. We really can have absolute confidence in God and His word.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing your comments, Bob. Both you and Mark provide an abundance of "food for thought"!
Truly it's passages like these in Romans 9 that make me feel quite small and rightfully so. God's patience in faithfully carrying out His promises is too often beyond my understanding in our instant society. Our hope and confidence is in Him! He will do it!

Anonymous said...

Well, now I know that "anonymous" works! Diane T.